Wall Coatings

Exterior Wall Coatings

 Empire Luxurious Exterior Emulsion

Empire Luxurious exterior emulsion, is a water based weather proof exterior emulsion containing 100% pure acrylic and silicon modification which gives it elastomeric properties & projects the surface from U.V degradation .it is available in an exclusive range of vibrant & pleasing eye catching colors.

Xtra Luxury Emulsion

  Xtra Luxury exterior emulsion with 100% acrylic emulsion and light fast pigments has antifungal and anti chalking properties and exhibits excellent performance in dry and moderately humid conditions.

Exact Exterior Emulsion

Exact Exterior Emulsion is an acrylic based exterior paints with anti -fading and anti fungal properties.Available in a wide range of fascinating colours appealing to the most vivid imagination. Exact Exterior is the most economical option in exterior emulsion.  

Interior Wall Coatings

Inspiration Luxury Emulsion

Presenting inspiration luxury interior emulsion for walls that truly glow .apart from its antifungal and anti chalking properties,inspiration interior emulsion contain polysiloxane which gives it a tough washable property and an elastomeric film that provides for the glow of a thousand pearls and a smooth matt finish.  

Impact Interior Emulsion

  A specially formulated interior emulsion which gives a durable and an eye pleasing finish. Available in a wide range of shades that visually captures the onlooker’s attention, this paint provides a soft subtle sheen to the wall.

Petals Universal Emulsion

Petals Universal Emulsion is a unique product resembling the cost of application nearer to the acrylic washable distemper with the property of wash ability,unique colours and a silky touch of smoothness besides having an excellent flow and coverage this emulsion also dries qucikly saving precious time.  


  Exterior xtra white primer water based
interior luxury white primer water based
Available in :20 Ltrs,10Ltrs, 4Ltrs,1Ltrs.

(Acrylic Based) Highlights of Acrylic based wall putty

Ready to use wall putty
Fast dry
High Coverage
Enviourmment frindly
Available sizes: 20Kg, 10Kg, 5Kg, 2Kg ,1Kg


  Petals Acrylic Washable OB Distemper
Petals Acrylic Washable OB Distemper has an exquisite collection of pastel shades & vibrant colours this paint is based on acrylic emulsion to give a smooth aesthetic touch to the interiors with sheen and finish of silk.
Available in: 20Kgs, 10Kgs, 5Kgs, 2Kgs,1Kgs.