Garware Readymix Plaster

Garware Ready Mix Mortar Powder is a “ready to use” mix cement based mortar with high-quality polymer additives, well-graded sand and fillers for manual plastering applications. It is available in HDPE Bags of 50 Kgs.

It can be used for plastering on inner and outer walls. It can also be used effectively on brick, block, stone walls as well as concrete surfaces. It may also be used for new plastering, plaster repairing & between the brick mortar. Ideal for well-prepared walls with the maximum thickness of plastering up to 15 mm. It is used in place of traditional plastering, it is a convenient & easy to use plaster that is much stronger, looks smooth & binds better to its base. Prepared with a mix of special binders, Fillers & additives. It is water resistant with high quality & sustainability. It creates smooth surface which has lesser chance of developing cracks.



  • Used in place of traditional plastering.
  • Consistent quality made using a mix of well-graded OPC Cement, White Cement, sand, Fibers, polymers, retarders, additives, low weight aggregates all from India, France, Germany & China
  • Powerful Adhesion, Strength & Plasticity with good workability.
  • High comprehensive strength, tensile strength & flexural strength.
  • Needs less curing and binds better to substance.
  • Quality plastering since it does not contain any impurity.



  • Quality controlled material due to factory blended.
  • Uniform & smooth product & packed material.
  • Uniform and smooth finish gives sharp edge to walls.
  • Enhances the life of infrastructure due to strong grip of GARWARE WALL HARDENER with the wall. Eliminates the need of frequent repairs of building.
  • Natural heat resistant, crack resistant and rain (water) proof.
  • Shrink & crack free.
  • Higher coverage (0.2 kgs./Sq. Ft./ mm)
  • Convenient to apply, less curing/ pre-wetting compulsory.
  • Faster completion of work, time saving.
  • Negligible wastage due to least rebound.
  • Ready mix plaster: Just add the water & make the plaster.
  • Save time & energy at site.
  • Reduced water absorption hence enhanced durability.
  • No foreign material like mud or slit or stones.

Mixing Method:

Prepare plaster by mixing 6-7 liters of water per 40 kgs of Garware Ready Plast. It is better to use mechanical mixer- electric stirrer for better results. Mixing should be done for 5-10 minutes, depending upon the speed of mixing equipment. When the mixture is prepared leave it for 4-5 minutes & mix it once again just before use. This will activate the polymers & plaster will run smoothly on surface. Do not add any water to the mixture at this point of time. Hard & set plaster should not be mixed again. The correct ratio of water & Garware Readymix Plaster is essential for better results.

Applying on Surface:

Ensure surface is clean from dust, dirt, grease, paints & traces of foreign material as this may adversely affect the process of adhesion. Ensure that the surface is thoroughly wet & then apply Garware ready mix mortar to achieve uniform thickness & level surface. Note that mixed Garware ready mix mortar should be used within 60 minutes after adding water.


Water curing is recommended after 12 hours and to be continued for at least 5-7 days.

Product Specifications:

Appearance Greyish granular powder
Main Binder 53 grade ordinary Portland cement
Filler Salt free precisely graded zone 2 cement
Additives Water soluble additives for better binding, efficiency, water retention & strength
Max. Aggregate size Less than 4.0 mm
Bulk density 1.4-1.6 Kgs/ Litre Unit
Comprehensive Strength (MPA) More than 9 in 28 days
Coverage 16-18 sq ft/ bag for 10- 12 mm thickness, plaster of more than 12mm must be in 2 coats
Thickness of layers 10-15mm
Pot Life 01:00 Hr
Density About 1.8 Kg/ Liter as dry product & about 2.0 kg/ liter when mixed with water
Comprehensive strength (MPA) More than 9N/mm sq after 28 days
Flexural Strength More than 4N/mm sq after 28 days
Adhesion Strength More than   N/mm sq after 28 days
Shear Method More than 1.5N/mm sq after 28 days
Pull out method More than 2N/mm sq after 28 days
Pull off Strength More than 0.5N/mm sq after 28 days