Fast Coat Gypsum Plaster

The product fast coat is designed specially to apply on interior bare brick walls directly in place of traditional sand cement mortar. it is a single decorative & protective coating two in one product which replaces civil working of sand cement mortar & decorative working of wall putty. fastcoat is  a readymade powdered product available in attractive packing of 30 Kgs making Garware’s well known ELEPHANT which it self explains to be a long life & strongest worldwide.fastcoat is recognized by thousands of Architects & interior Decorators & gained praise by builders & contractors.

Fast Coat Salient features

  • Easy application
  • saves 75% application time
  • Set in 20 min
  • Nail drubbing hardness within 3 days
  • Better for modern houses just cinema malls and apartments for its better looks and smoothness
  • Ready for the painting no putty required
  • Balances the inner temprature upto 5 degree
  • Helps in finding seepages & throws the water outside the wall so that it is cured in early stage, not after any damage occurs like rotten on steel rods Timtors saria.

Economic Money saving


  • Freedom from cement mortar sieving ,mud mixing ,theft ,short supply & foreign material,shortages etc
  • No tension of daily rate fluctuation as in cement mortar
  • saving of electricity used for air conditioners as this technology has very low thermal conductivity benefits upto 5 degrees in summers & winters.
  • Hence, no issues in quality control like the traditional sand plaster


Environment friendly


  • It removes extra unwanted load on the building. hence better at the moment earthquacke occurs.
  • It keeps the site area clean from sand & cement scattered everywhere.Additional non dirtiness cause during water splashing.


No water Curing


  • Green material environment friendly with tuff strength & super bonding, inflammable & affordable product from the house of Garware paints
  • Crack free surfaces perfactly lined leveled no shrinkage smooth finish with no endurances on walls and ceilling.

Application of Fastcoat

Plaster is applied using hawk and trowel method as per recommended practice where the thickness in one coat should not exceed 13mm.plaster can  he applied on most existing surface. This suitability  of particular background for plastering should be considered in relation to its strength suction bonding properties shrinkage or thermal movement characteristics water and soluble salt content.


Recommended thickness for fastcoat should be 12 to 15 mm in every coat. However for higher thickness plaster can be applied in more than one application.


Once the plaster has yet you can put up fixtures of verying weights smalllers ones can be supported by using steel hooks and pins while heavier framesand objects can be accommodated with plugs and screws or suitable fixtures,adequately penetrated into the background to ensure a firmhold


Virtually no maintenance is required after the application of plaster


During application of plasters is hot and dry conditions care should be taken to ensure that rapid loss of water is avoided the plasters are set their full strength, provided water is mixed in a specified ratio if the water dries off too rapidly then the strenghth of plaster will be impaired.