Comparison Between Type of Plaster

Availability Ready to use already Packed in 30 kgs Seprate inventory of Sand, Cement, Water
Mixing/Quality Control Material quality is company Controlled as per IS-2947 – 1976 part l & ll Supervision required for mixing materials No standards
Raw Material Quality Raw material quality is Company controlled. No daily changes in prices. Quality of River sand is Not consistent. Prices daily fluctuation.


Dampage/Seapage Promptly imforms by giving a Patch from where the problem Is occurring so that repair could Be done immediately. Searching by breaking wall coz Water travels through out area & rotton of pipes, steel rods (Sariya) & plaster is spoiled.
Shrinkage/Loosening Of material Negligable shrinkage/No losening Loosening of Materials due to shrinkage
Water Curing Self curing Material,Saves water


Pre curing & post curing. Till 7 days is required
Time Saving 75% time, due to ready mix material,Fast application, rapid self curing etc. Sets initially in 20-30 minutes Nail Drubbing within 72 hours


Material mixing, handling, Curing, water transfers, Nail drubbing after 15 days
WASTAGE No Material Wastage High Material wastage while Purchase, application, storage Etc which effects cost
NEXT COAT Direct primer then plastic Paint is to be applied 1st putty, then primer, then paint
CLEANLINESS/ MESSY Very clean job & site also remains clean b’coz of no water & splitting of material Messy/ Dirtiness due to water splashing & material splitted everywhere on site.
THERMOSTATE & ELECTRICITY SAVING Controls upto 5 degree In summers & winters Non thermostat
FALSE LOAD ON BUILDING/ DENSITY 12-15 mm light weight Material is used 20-30 mm heavy weight material is loaded


Freedom from cement mortar sieving, mud mixing, theft, short supply, foreign material, shortages etc. Green material, environment friendly with tuff strength, self curing & super bonding, inflammable & affordable product. Perfectly lined, crack free, leveled, no shrinkage.