Company profile

Garware Paints Limited, an ISO 9000 accredited company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956 under the name & style of Garware Paints Limited. The company was established many years ago, and one of the operating units of the company is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was an initiative of Mr. Arvind Kumar Agarwal for the production of coatings and decorative paints for interior & exterior applications. The success of initiative proved with tyhe consitent increase in turnover which is regitered a constant annual growth of 20% reaching to annually more than 20 million euros, combined with a parallel profitability increase. Customers all over the world & Garware paints products have been used to decorate some prestigious buildings, many railway stations, many hospitals, many shopping centers, five star hotels  & private villas in India & abroad.

The positive results have been reached making continuous efforts in customer care from one hand & consistent research for innovative & high quality decorative paints on the other hand. The range of products start from world class eco-freindly low end products like imported cement based wall putty, wall plaster, primer, Oil bound Distempers, Plaster of Paris, Fastcoat Gympsum Plaster, to high-tech sophisticated flat plastic paints exteriors & interiors, Texture Paints, Enamels, construction chemicals, tile adhesive, milamine & polyurethane, based paints which find extensive application in fishing lines, Defence, modern houses, builders, industries etc.

For the future Garware is planning to strengthen & consolidate its presence on the foreign markets which is already in action, India as a priority region headed by its great team of officials. The company is the trend setter in the line of Coatings for metal, wood & masonry surfaces and proved itself as a leader manufacturer of best world class coating products. Under the due guidance of homourable CEO, the company is growing in leaps and bounds of the industry.

Infrastructure & Manufacturing

We have a sophisticated infrastructural base that includes of a robust manufacturing unit. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with technologically advanced machinery and equipment enabling us to produce superior grade products. Last year, the new 30000 sq mts plant has been completed and equipped with the latest generation machineries & now garware has a daily productive capacity of 10000 lts/kgs approximately. With continuous development of the company’s operation we also make sure our production  processes stay upgraded. The surge of industrial products in the industry has only served as an impetus to our mission of matching the market’s demands.

Quality Control

Distinction in terms of quality has led us to climb the ladder of success. The company maintains a strict quality control department to ensure that manufactured products maintain a consistent quality and conforms to the standards; those are painstakingly laid down for each individual product. Our quality control department’s input in these procedures aids us in the standardization of products and optimization of production resources.


The company has formed a wide spread network that is sprawled across the nook and corner of the globe. The subsistence of this network has assisted us in traversing into the furthest parts of the market. Based on the same, we are able to ship our consignment within the stipulated time-frame.

Vision & Ambition

To become the customer’s most preferred and trusted Paints and Coatings brand in the industry which may rapidly result to become one of the leading paint manufacturing companies of the country, a leader in product innovation and customer satisfaction. GPL intends to build long term value relationships with all its suppliers and customers.

Our Mission

Continuously improve our products and processes so as to keep up with the varying needs of the market.The company’s mission is to maximize returns of each stakeholder in the company be it Customers, shareholders, suppliers or employees and become a socially responsible global corporate citizen. Create a safe, healthy challenging favorable and talent rewarding environment for the employees. Establish a sense of stewardship amongst employees, train and develop staff to polished professionalism. Maintain a customer centric approach by frequent and direct contacts to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Core Values

Professionalism-Utilized specialized expertise,systems and routines to carry out the best practices.Integrity-Characterize our efforts with honesty and loyalty towards the company,the costomers & ourselves.Innovation-Benefit from technology and innovation to develop better products and efficients processes.People-Attract, devlop,train and retain the best talents,take care of our people and create a challenging environment for them to work in. Benevolence-Taking care of the society and the people around us by playing our part as a socially responsible corporate entity

Research & Development

The company’s Research and Development unit is the first in- house Research & Development unit to be recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Govt. of India.

The R&D center is actively involved in development of new products,upgradation,import substitution, economization and technology absorption.The Research & Development and Quality Control laboratories are fully equipped with state -of- the- art scientific instruments. Our R & D department     constantly researches and keeps up -to- date with competitive ananlysis regarding quality,safely & packing of the products . This exerci                se give us an edge over the competitors. we invest heaveily  in research and development and pursue every opportunity to produce even more economical but high performing products.


Employing an aggressive marketing approach,the brand has secured its rank by remaining amongst the top in the industry for many decades. The marketing strategy for the brand has always been based on innovation.The company has been active in its brand building through effective customer care ensuring value for the customers’ money.New products in 2009 and the recent corporate launch bring the essence of the company’s enhanced focus towards customer care. to analyze the trends and needs of certain market,the brand maintain its contact and interaction with its clientele. The system is highly effective                 prior to new product development and testing innovations in the market.A strong market share and customere’s trust further play their role  in making fresh products a success.

Distribution Network

The company has a wide Distribution Network. The entire country is divided into 4 zones,each of which is headed by a Regional Business Manager.

with its wide distribution network the company is able to reach not only the urban market but also the rural and up-country markets.

Our Customers

The company has made lasting business relationships with some of the most prestigious organizations in india & for East. The company has always strived to meet the needs  of a varied clients,some of which are associated  with many prestigious government,semi -governments, builders,contractors, home appliances industry,motorcycle and bicycle industry ,hotels ,clubs and resorts,housing projects, telecomnunication ,transformers and switch gear industry and many government & private institutions who enjoy & consume Garware customized & theme based products. some of the satisfied customers are uttar pradesh Rajkiya Nirmaan Nigam,kanpur Development Authorities,Military Engineering Services,Airport Authority of india, cheif minister Residence at Lucknow,Nuclear & Thermal power corporation ,railways,roadways,BMC,LMRC various power houses & electric boards IIT,HPCL,IOCL,tata projects limited,BARC,CPWD,PWD awas vikas parishad,ratan housing & development Ltd Shukhdham infrastructures, bhabha engineering college, rudra             navnirmaan Ltd and many more.

Environment Policy

GPL shall comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulation.GPL shall endeavor to operate all the plants and facilities in a manner to ensure a clean and healthy environment.GPL shall strive to achieve reduction of wastage and ensure optimize resource utilization through source reduction,recycle or reuse of waste.GPL shall impart training and education to all employees to work in a manner which maximizes protection of the environment.

Customer & Network

Valued customers induces many prestigious govt,semi-govt, privete institution,bulders commactors etc .who enjoy & consume garware uestumised & theme based products  some of the satisfied astomens are cennal public works departments,(CPWD),PWD militry,(MES),indian institute of technology (IIT),Airport authinty of india,dept of Telecommanications, Naclear power corporation BMC Ennore port tust,Tata progects ltd,IOCL,tipcl ratan houriy & deteupment Ltd ,bhabha (BARC) Bhabha hosry sutuhdhan ,dudhe ,UPRNN,UPSRTC,power home kesco, many electric boards & power homes & many more.

Packaging & Storage

Plasters are supplied in 30kg HDPE laminated bags which have a shelf of 13 months.consignments should be used in strict rotation.To facilitate this, each bag is marked with the batch no.and date of manufacture.The bags should be stored in dry condition.

Site Work Instructions

Bag should be handled carefully to avoid tearing,hooks are not recommended Prior to applying the Fastcoat,tubular service conduits should be chased into the background. The background should be thoroughly brushed to remove dust and loose mortar. All surfaces due for plastering should be dry protected from the weather and wetted 5 to 10 minutes prior to plastering, for the plaster to get a proper bonding on the ground.Ensure that hands are dried before putting them in the bag. After taking out the required amount of plaster always fold the open end to protect the plaster from moisture. Always mix powder to water and not water to powder. powder should be mixed with clean water, Preferably in clean plastic to avoid mixing with impurities. Dry powder should immediately be mixed to water in order to keep the mixing time to a minimum.Material should be thoroughly mixed and free from lumps and impurities before use. Once a mix has begun to set, it should not be tampered with,nor should fresh gauging be mixed with the old one.